magazine names 

Capitalize the initial letters of the name but do not place it in quotes. Lowercase magazine unless it is part of the publication’s formal title: Harper’s Magazine, Vice magazine, Vogue magazine. Check the masthead if in doubt.

newspaper names 

Capitalize the in a newspaper’s name if that is the way the publication prefers to be known. Do not place name in quotes.

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post

Lowercase the before newspaper names if a story mentions several papers, some of which use the as part of the name and some of which do not.

It is unnecessary to provide state identification for a newspaper cited in the body of a story if the newspaper is in the same state as the dateline.

For example, a story datelined Newport, R.I., would reference the Providence Journal, not the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal.

However, the state should be included and spelled out in the body of undated stories or stories datelined in other states.

Where location is needed but is not part of the official name, use parentheses: The Huntsville (Alabama) Times.

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