Tuesday, September 11 at New York City Hall

Tour of City Hall and meeting with Council Member Shaun Abreu. There are also some journalists who would like to meet you. The tour starts at 11:00 but please try to get there by 10:45. You will have to go through security and you will need your school ID. 
Please don’t bring anything sharp or any thing that could be considered a weapon.
Once you get through security just go up the steps and into the building. We will meet inside in the lobby.
 Directions to City Hall


City Hall is located in City Hall Park in Manhattan. To access City Hall Plaza, please go to the City Hall security gate at either the intersection of Broadway and Murray Street (West Gate) or Park Row and Spruce Street (East Gate). If the weather is inclement, tours may meet inside City Hall’s lobby.

City Hall is accessible by public transportation:

By Subway:
4, 5, 6 trains to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge
2, 3 trains to Park Place
R trains to City Hall
A, C trains to Chambers Street

By Bus:
M5, M9, M22 or M103

Note: You must pass through security before entering City Hall Plaza, so please allow for extra time. Adults must bring photo identification.




Assignment 1 

Homework: Read, watch and listen to the news. Check the AP app. It will help you with the weekly news quiz.

The rest may seem like a lot. But it really isn’t. Write a 300-word essay to answer the following questions: Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going? Include a selfie or photo to illustrate your About Me.

Deadline: Wednesday, August 30

Get and begin to read “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor.”  Deadline for reading is September 19 and there will be a quiz on what you read.


Assignment 2 – Given August 31

Homework: Find out and write down the names of your city council member, assembly member, state senator, mayor, county executive, U.S. senators, U.S. representative, the police commissioner. Find out the number of New York City council members and U.S. representatives to Congress. How many representatives does New York State have? New York City? Bring the information to class. You do not have to submit it in advance.

Read, watch and listen to the news.

Read “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor.”