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  May 14, 2020 Introduction to Journalism Short quiz The subject does the action.   Rewrite the following sentences.   Currently hospitals are turning away non-Covid19 patients   Dozens of people were left stranded by the fire in a subway car.   Being that Anna liked cold weather her favorite month was January.   Due …

Clunky Words And Phrases To Avoid

Words across a page

Currently Due to Prior to In an effort to For the purpose of In order to Is of the opinion that Due to the fact that In the near future At this point in time During my time Subsequent Affinity For Am Willing

Finding Data

Data graphic   Johns Hopkins University New York State Covid-19 Tracker Covid-19 Modeling University of Washington 911 Response Time Nassau County Health Data Suffolk County Health Data Questionnaires HPD Violation look up Construction accident look up      

Active Writing

New York City Hall and a news conference in front of the steps.

Copyright 2018, Barbara Nevins Taylor ACTIVE WRITING Active writing allows you to say what you mean in a clear concise way with colorful verbs that paint a picture. In 1946, the writer George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984,  complained about politicians and others who use fuzzy language to hide the truth. "Political language …

Interview Technique

Whether you interview someone in person, via video chat, or phone, the principles for a good interview remain the same. Prepare before your interview. Make sure you know as much about the topic and your interview subject as possible. Use your social skills when you begin the interview. Be friendly without being fawning especially if …

Reporting Basics

  Reporting  Journalism means more than taking handouts or reporting what’s said in news releases. Good journalism rests on a set of principles. Solid stories require accurate information and balance in reporting it. Think about answering a story’s basic questions: who what when where why   HOW Then examine how the story happened. How do we …