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MLB Lockout Batters Yankee Stadium-Area Businesses Still Reeling From the Pandemic


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Months of dread gave way to despair for South Bronx small businesses Tuesday night, when Major League Baseball announced that the start of the baseball season will be delayed, after failing to resolve a year-long labor dispute by management’s self-imposed deadline.

Players in the league have been locked out by team owners since their collective bargaining agreement expired on Dec. 2, and MLB Spring training has been postponed since Feb. 14.

Like many businesses in the area, Ty Robinson orients the schedule of his bar The Dugout, on River Avenue, around the league’s schedule, opening only on days where the Bronx Bombers play home games.

With many fans away for most of the last two years because of the pandemic, Robinson is unsure of what the future holds for the business he’s grown over the past 18 years.

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