Exercise: Look at the facts and write a lede (lead) paragraph and nut graf and write the rest of the story.

  1. Minnesota man diagnosed with the omicron variant of COVID-19.
  2. He visited New York City recently and attended a convention at the Javits Center.
  3. He attended the AnimeNYC 2021 convention.
  4. He is the second person in the U.S. identified with the omicron variant.
  5. He felt flu-like symptoms when he returned home.
  6. He had not traveled to South Africa.
  7. He either picked up the virus in New York City or Minnesota.
  8. Mayor de Blasio said there is little doubt that omicron is now spreading in the New York City alongside the dominant delta variant of COVID.

“We should assume there is community spread, ” the mayor said.

9. Gov. Hochul said “we believe” the Minnesota man likely contracted omicron in New York, but said there are still no confirmed cases in New York State.

10. Health official will try to trace convention participants who may have interacted with the man. “Anyone who attended the AnimeNYC conference, especially anyone experiencing symptoms, should get tested immediately and take additional precautions,” de Blasio said.

11. Mayor-Elect Eric Adams traveled to Ghana for a 10-day trip despite the concern about the omicron variant. A spokesman for Adams said that he is monitoring the situation.

12. Since omicron was identified, the White House reversed course and barred most foreign travelers who have recently been in southern Africa.

13. The Centers for Disease Control said Thursday it has prepared well for omicron and any future variants of COVID-19.

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