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Covering Congress101, withMichaelaRoss Thursday,Jan.6,1-3p.m.EST

This class will serve as a crash course for new reporters on the basic resources and procedural understanding needed to cover Congress. It will also present strategies for reporters and freelancers who work on non-federal-government-focused beats but are looking to enrich their stories by sharpening their skills in tracking legislation and regulatory policy development. Michaela Ross is a 2015 graduate of the Newmark J-School and has worked for different arms of Bloomberg News for the past five+ years in Washington D.C.

Social Newsgathering, withRima Abdelkader’09 Saturday,Jan.8,9:30-11:30a.m.

This course will provide students with an exposure to online resources to verify and confirm breaking news and information. It will explore and investigate misinformation online and identify ways to debunk it through traditional and more modern methods. This course requires students to come prepared with examples to workshop in the class. Rima Abdelkader is part of a diverse team of reporters at NBC News and MSNBC that discover, verify, and report breaking news stories and enterprise pieces globally. As a digital media literacy instructor, Abdelkader teaches team courses at NBC on data verification and the use of social media in human-interest storytelling.

The Business of Freelancing, withLynn Brown Monday,Jan.10,5-7p.m

The only way to make money in the business of writing is to treat it like an actual business, rather than a hobby. Longtime freelancer Lynn Brown offers tips, tricks and inspiration on various aspects of running a freelance writing business: how to find the best outlets for your work, how to market yourself, negotiating contracts, record-keeping, taxes (and deductions) and more. The class will also talk about what to do to get the most out of every story, from the small piece that (hopefully) goes viral overnight, to the book project that will take years to complete.

How to Run a Podcast,with MiaLobel and LidiaJeanKott Tuesday,Jan.11,2-5p.m.EST

You’ve come up with a brilliant podcast idea and now you need to execute. How do you do it? Pushkin Executive Producer Mia Lobel covers how to pull together a brilliant and efficient production team, how to make a budget, and how to create a production plan that doesn’t break that budget or burn out your team. The class will be taught with a combination of lecture/presentation slides and hands-on exercises. Lidia Jean is a producer at Pushkin. Previously she’s worked at NPR, the BBC World Service, and WNYC.

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10 Incredibly Useful LittleTools forJournalists, withJeremyCaplan Wednesday,Jan.12,11-12:30EST

Discover useful new tools to save you time and boost the impact and efficiency of your work. Walk away with a short, curated list of sites and resources you can use right away. See examples of the tools in action. Learn what they do, how they’re useful and why and when to use them. Open to digital novices as well as pros looking for new workflow ideas. Take home a guide to share with colleagues and friends.

We’ll touch on new features in Craft, Notion, Projector, Flourish, Canva, Roam, and a few other surprises.

Fun withAnimated GIFs, withJohnSmock Wednesday,Jan.12,1-3p.mEST

This workshop taught by John Smock, director of the Newmark J-School Photojournalism Program, will cover using Adobe Photoshop as a design tool with a special focus on GIF animations. News organizations today are experimenting with media content that combines elements of still photography with graphic design and video to tell stories in new and interesting ways. GIFs are a basic building block of this frontier.

News Photography WorkshopforApplicantsandCUNYUndergrads,withJohnSmock Thursday,Jan.13,10am-1pmEST

This workshop led by veteran photojournalist John Smock will help you improve your photographic skills for use in all media. We will cover the technical and conceptual aspects of basic camera usage, composition, visual vocabulary, photo editing, lighting, and Photoshop. You will learn how to handle portraits, news conferences, politics, intimate photo essays, and international conflicts. You will also learn how to photograph while recording audio, shooting video, or reporting for print. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate photographer, you will learn the tricks of the trade that professional photojournalists use.


Reportingon Indigenous Communities with Graham LeeBrewer Thursday,Jan.13,1-3p.mEST

Reporting on Indigenous Communities will touch on the history of Indigenous journalism, how American journalism has influenced perceptions of Native communities, and how reporters can avoid furthering harm and instead do impactful accountability reporting in tribal nations.

Graham Lee Brewer is a national investigative reporter at NBC News, the vice president of the Native American Journalists Association, and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Travel Writing with TimHarper Tuesday,Jan.18,1-4p.m.EST

We all want to do travel writing, but we don’t know how to get started. This class from longtime freelancer and travel writer Tim Harper, the Newmark J-School’s writing coach, shows you how to turn ideas and experiences into stories, clips and cash — including stories both around the world and across the street. Bring your questions and your story ideas for a class-wide conversation about how to become a travel writer in your spare time.

3-Day CoveringthePandemicandBidenImpactontheEconomy,Markets,andBusiness,with GregDavid



The pandemic led to the most severe — and unequal–recession in American history disrupting every aspect of the economy. The recovery has been equally uneven. Meanwhile the Biden Administration has taken office with a sharply different economic agenda committed to reviving the economy and bolstering

the country’s safety net, tackling what it says are the disastrous effects of corporate consolidation, while mostly leaving in place the trade policies of the Trump era. This three night class, taught by Greg David, director of the Business and Economics Reporting Program, will tackle all these issues. *THISSERIESIS NOTFORSTUDENTSINTHEBUSINESS&ECONOMICSCONCENTRATIONATTHENEWMARK


GhostWriting,withTimHarper Thursday,Jan.20,1-3p.m.EST

One of the things we can learn — and get paid for — is writing other people’s stories. We can do this as collaborators, in “with” or “as told to” projects, or as ghost writers who may or may not see their names anywhere except on the checks they cash. This informal, lively discussion will cover how to find and manage such projects, along with editing or doctoring books and other content for individuals and institutions. There are many pitfalls, but this workshop will scratch the surface to help decide whether this type of work might appeal to you. The workshop will be led by Newmark writing coach Tim Harper, who has a lot of good ghost stories — and a few scary ones.

BreakingintoBroadcasting,withWalterSmith-Randolph‘10 Friday,Jan.21,12-2p.m.EST

Whether it’s tv or radio news, in this workshop you’ll learn what skills you need to break into the world of broadcasting. We’ll go over making a resume tape, how to initiate the job search, and the tips and tricks to make it in the broadcast world. You’ll also hear from on-air reporters, producers and hiring managers from radio and television stations to learn more about their journeys and what they’ve learned along the way.

Walter Smith Randolph, ’10 is the investigative editor at CT Public Broadcasting where he leads the The Accountability Project, producing and reporting in-depth stories for CT Public’s NPR and PBS stations. Previously, Walter spent a decade at local TV affiliates in Elmira, NY, Flint, MI, Kalamazoo, MI and Cincinnati. He also serves as national Treasurer of the National Association of Black Journalists and chair on the Newmark J-School Alumni Board.

VideoAcrossPlatforms:ReportingonTikTok,IG,andYouTube,withWonboWoo Wednesday,Jan.26,Paneldiscussion,12:30-1:30p.m.,followedbyclass,2-4p.m.EST

This special two-part session will start with a panel discussion featuring journalists who have found success creating news and news-adjacent content for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and more. It will be followed by a practical workshop for students and guests on how to best use and manage these platforms for journalism. Wonboo Woo is an Emmy Award-winning producer and a recipient of the prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. A former broadcast-journalist-in-residence at the Newmark

J-School, he has worked for WIRED, NBC’s Nightly News, and Nightline and World News Tonight at ABC.

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