Assignment October 29, 2020

Election Coverage

On election day, go to a polling place or a ballot drop off center. Report about what’s going on there. Choose an angle for the story based on what people tell you.

You could report that people stayed to vote even though they had to wait a long time. But tell us Who, What, Where, Why, When and maybe How.

Interview at least three people and maybe more.

Get first and last names.

You could report about multi-generational voters.

You could report about immigrants voting for the first time.

You could report about a young person voting for the first time.

You choose the angle.

Write 350 to 500 words. Keep your focus and make sure that one idea follows the next.

Start with a lede in the inverted pyramid or pyramid style. Remember to tell us what the story is about in the nut graf.

Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end.

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